Les Indés Sons #28

1-28 DAYS Upstyledown-The Bird
2-SATANIC SURFERS Going nowhere fast-Out Of Touch
3-GREEN DAY Dookie-Basket Case
4-MAD CADDIES Duck and cover-Monkey
5-MILLENCOLLIN For monkeys- Monkey Boogie
6-NOFX So long and thanks for all the shoes-Aux Champs Elysées
7-NO USE FOR A NAME Leche con carne!-Redemption Song
8-NO MAN’S LAND B.attitude-Ganjaman
9-NO ONE IS INNOCENT No One Is Innocent-La Peau
10- LOFOFORA Les Choses Qui Nous Dérangent -Buvez Du Cul
11-PLANET HEMP Usuário- Maryjane
12-BURNING HEADS Be One With Flames-Gigi Prate
13-PENNYWISE Unknown road-It’s Up To Me
14-DOG EAT DOG Play Games-Rocky
15-GOOD RIDDANCE Operation Phoenix-Sadows of Defeat
16-BAD RELIGION The New America-It’s A Long Way To The Promised Land

Les Indés Sons

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